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Level One

IT Quick Assessment

Find out where you stand with your IT assets when we conduct a thorough review of your infrastructure including your hardware systems, software and network capabilities. Teconic's IT Quick Assessment is more than just an inventory. It's a critical look at what's good and what isn't, what works and what doesn't-and where you can go from there.

    The IT Quick Assessment typically takes two weeks to complete, and includes:

A catalog of your IT assets, including hardware and software.

An appraisal of your network's health and security.

An evaluation of current IT strengths and weaknesses.

Recommendations on how your IT can be fully aligned with your business plan.

    We present our findings in easy-to-understand terms that you can use as a guide for IT consolidation and cost recovery. We also discuss your goals so that when the assessment is complete, you'll have a clearer understanding of what you have, and how it can fit into your business plan.

    If you're just starting to build your systems-or expanding what you already have -Teconic's IT Quick Assessment is a solid foundation on which to build a solid IT structure.

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