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Level Two

Complete IT Discovery

Know where you're going with a complete evaluation of your more advanced systems and how they're being managed. IT Discovery is a broad and deep assessment that examines your entire organization, including management capabilities, IT budgeting, staffing and planning strategies. Gain critical and timely information about your IT fitness, and discover how, when properly implemented, IT can become the backbone of your success.

Depending on the complexity of your systems, IT Discovery can take two to five months to complete, which involves:

Performance of the IT Quick Assessment.

Interviews with key managers and IT staff to assess needs.

Analyses of case studies and best practices from similar projects.

Development of a comprehensive and manageable IT strategy to help you reach your objectives.

Learn what you'll need to make your sales, production and accounting efforts work more efficiently and in concert. Increase your IT security. Or find out how IT can be most effective in retaining customer loyalty.

Use our case studies and comparative analyses to find out what companies like yours have done-and base your decisions on the results they achieved. The knowledge you get from an IT Discovery can raise your business to a whole new level of performance.

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