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Interim CIO Services

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Need something more comprehensive? We can right the ship and get it back on course. Through expert IT managerial support-on a fixed-term basis, Teconic can help refocus or fully develop an IT strategy, or improve or establish an entire IT department. You benefit from senior-level expertise without having to hire a full-time CIO.

    Usually available for a six to nine month term, our Interim CIO Services include:

Full preparation - Develop an overall plan based on your objectives, with timelines, to identify and meet milestones.

Complete assessment - Perform a baseline IT Discovery, and present our findings in plain English (as well as the necessary technical back-up).

Expert management - Work with your staff to fulfill the plan while getting the most value out of your IT assets.

Effective maintenance - Implement a transition plan to successfully turn the management of your IT solutions over to your staff.

    Teconic's services are offered under closed-end agreements so you know what to expect-measurable results at an agreed-upon cost. And, if you've decided that you need a permanent CIO, we can help you find one through executive searches and procurement. A managed solution, a manageable cost.


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