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Teconic's PC TuneUp Special!

Does it seem like your computer is running slower than it used to?  It's not your imagination - we're pretty sure that it is!  Windows accumulates "junk" files over time, especially if you have a broadband Internet connection.  We can set things right and get your PC running better than it did when it was new!


  • Troubleshooting and repairing your existing PC and software problems
  • Defragment hard drive to speed up your system
  • Clean up all unnecessary files
  • FREE web pop-up killer
  • Check your phone line and modem or network to achieve the fastest connection possible.
  • Hard drive scan to repair any file errors and problems
  • Privacy scan to eliminate Spyware and Ad-ware (includes FREE software)
  • Virus scan
  • Answer any questions and provide recommendations for future upgrades and Internet connection options.

Call us now at 774-6500 to schedule your PC Tune-up.
Daytime and evening appointments available.

Additional Services:

  • AOL / dialup to broadband conversions (Adelphia cable modem, DSL, etc.)
  • Home and office wireless network installation
  • PC upgrades - there may be plenty of life left in that old PC...
  • Training, mentoring, and PC purchasing guidance and support
  • Migrate your old PC files and settings to your new PC
  • Deluxe PC Tune-up (includes free Spam filter, free Anti-virus, much more! )
  • Broadband sharing and Internet security solutions
  • Digital photography, audio, and video support services

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